Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Top 5 ebook stores to find free ebooks

There are not too many of us who are privileged enough to have the kind of disposable cash that would allow us to read every type of book that we would really love to; at least on a regular basis. But thanks to the internet and the proliferation of digital reading devices such as Nook, Kindle and the iPad without forgetting to mention a host of free reading apps that enable people to read stuff on their iphones and Smart phones, it is now possible for anyone to browse, read and download as much as they want to. When it comes to pricing, there may be nothing to worry about because free EBook sites don’t charge a penny. Some of the leading free EBook sites include: Apart from the fact that you will be forced to endure some invasion from numerous ads( the last time i checked them i saw a barrage of ads), this is one site that has plenty of EBooks that you can read over and over without worrying.  The page allows visitors to actually look at about four titles on a single page. You only need to master a few navigational challenges and you will open yourself up to a world of titles upon titles on different subjects. 
Baen Library: This is a free EBook site especially for people who love to read science titles since there is quite a collection they can read and download. There is such a huge collection of science EBooks to choose from that you will ask yourself why anyone needs to spend money to buy any book after all. Anyone who wants to experience the joy of reading from a huge library will find a home at this free EBook site. All you need to do is place your search in terms of title, topic, author or area of interest using keywords and you will be able to access a great variety of EBooks. The selections on this site are endless and what makes the experience better is the simple fact that navigation through the website is a simple walk in the park. Readers have an incredible selection of popular contemporary and classic titles to download.      
Feedbooks: One good thing any reader will love about Feedbooks is the fact that their EBooks are formatted very nicely. You will be able to find in their stables some of the latest EBooks by many new authors as well as an extremely wide selection of a number of public domain books. The greatest advantage with Feedbooks us that it is highly compatible with different dedicated readers as well as cell phones and other mobile gadgets. Visitors to this site can read and be able to download many free EBooks directly using their browsers. Feedbooks is compatible with PDF, MOBI, EPUB as well as a number of Custom PDF formats. Readers also appreciate the fact that they have RSS feeds as well as a number of Newspaper features to help them catch current news.    
Mobipocket: Mobipocket is yet another great source of free EBooks especially for kindle owners; what with more than 11,000 EBooks that are available in the MOBI format that Kindle supports. You will be able to discover many EBooks in different languages such as Spanish, German, Dutch, Finnish and French among others.